Why Hello There,


My name is Chelsea, I am the founder and creator of Kujo Accessories. Welcome to a little dream of mine come true!


I specialize in Handmade Hair and Bridal Accessories, and love to put my creative “Kujo” touch on to all types of lifestyle accessories that just make life a little more fabulous. All my accessories are handmade, up-cycled vintage pieces (some one of a kind), along with high quality sourced trims from NYC (handpicked by me)!

My designs are all little pieces of art that I put my heart and soul into making. 


KUJO opens a gateway to express who you are through authentic free spirited designs. It’s a brand created to motivate people to LOVE themselves for who they are, to be BRAVE, POWERFUL, AND FREE, and to NEVER GIVE UP ON THEIR DREAMS.

   Kujo is a brand that is destined to make a statement and speak to others in a positive and influential way.


A portion of proceeds from KUJO will go directly to a charity of choice each month.

May is "Mental Health Awareness Month".

Kujo is sending donations from sales to https://www.nami.org/Home

they will match any donation up to $75,000 this month!


Never stop improving, never stop loving you for who you are, never stop paying it forward.


You are unique and so is Kujo- hope you find something that catches your eye!

Thanks for your support!

Hugs and Lots of Love, 

Kujo XO.

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